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I'm Mr. Hack

An artist from birth, Miles Hack has dedicated years to overstanding his craft. He is constantly seeking modern ways to develop, building social understanding of contemporary concepts, exploring through simplicity along with a mental depth of complexity. Feel free to view the works and sketches at gallery portfolio below and on Instagram's Discover when the pieces were created, what they were inspired by, and learn more about the stories behind them. Please contact the email provided for collaborations or conceptual designing, working with community and fellow creators is always a pleasure.

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Statement of Purpose

My career goals have always centered around the pursuit, understanding, and exploration of the artistic process. I have particularly gravitated towards pictorial art my whole life, since my mother was an artist and nurtured the growth of these aspects in me. I believe that I have unique skill and perspective in the field and within the journey of the mind. My wish is to further an independent career for the adventure to identify and define myself, as well as engage in the art field and within the art itself. I am looking to become a freelance artist and have also considered delving into all possibilities such as gallery exhibits, festivals, commissions, tattoo expositions, comic and graphic art, album designs, book covers, and general concept manifesting.

Anything artistic draws my curiosity in beyond financial means for the need to better understand my gifts and talents that I was initially endowed with throughout my life. I have been slowly exiting the shell of illustration which was my favorite hobby, called to improve greatly where color is involved to merge my fascination of contours and love of contrast together more. There is a consistent urging of my intent to find stronger understanding in my own stylistic expression, construction of theme, thought extraction, and overall strengths among other things. Seeing the work of my peers (such as Brian Thornhill and Cristabel Soto) has inspired me to continue undertaking this focus of my degree. Entry to the BFA program will give me the ability to keep up with the understanding of my personal visions in this manner and provide better clarity at the end of it all.


Miles Hack 

Hack - 9.jpg

Curriculum Vitae

Public Engagement & Artistry Experience

Miles Hack (b. 1992, USA) (408) 685-4065

San Jose State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2019

Allan Hancock College, Associates of Arts and Humanities, 2015

Exhibitions, Contests, and Venues:

2018 Fressed Press Print-Makers Guild Gallery Exhibition, CA

2018 University of Costa Rica "Violence" Exhibition, CR

2016 June Cityscapes Online Exhibition, CA

2016   San Juan Bautista Café Art Market, CA

2015   City of Lompoc Crosswalk Design Proposal, CA

2014   New Low’s Street Art Exhibit, CA

2013   New Low’s Street Art Gallery, CA


"The Little Things" Print Exchange & Exhibition in collaboration with the Facebook Analog Research Laboratory


2018, 1340ART Magazine - July Cover Copy, Finalist Entry 

2016, Fusion Art Gallery - International Finalist, top 100 featured works

Claude Debussy

"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"



Thank you for reviewing the Illustrations Portfolio. Please contact for information or direct message on Instagram.

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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